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Board of Parole Hearings

PO Box 4036

Sacramento, CA  95812-4036

Attn: Pre-Hearing Correspondence

Re: Angelo Pavageau – CDCR# B58812

Parole Hearing Date: APRIL 25, 2023

Dear Parole Board Chairman and Board Member,

Please do not grant a parole date to convicted murderer, Angelo Pavageau. On the evening of April 18, 1974, this individual broke into the San Francisco home of a young couple, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carlson, for the sole purpose of financial gain, torture, rape and murder.  The Carlsons offered Pavageau all the money they had, but this wasn’t enough for him. He bound and then beat to death Mr. Carlson and then turned his attention to Mrs. Carlson. He took his time torturing and repeatedly raping her and then leaving her for dead. He then unleashed more terror by setting afire to the couple’s residence to cover up his sadistic and violent reign of terror.

Today, it has become quite obvious that commitment offense is rarely considered during parole hearings. However, for one moment, think about this murderer’s victims and take into consideration Pavageau’s unconscionable and psychotic acts of violence. What kind of mind could justify viciously torturing, raping and beating the life out of another human being? Was self-gratification and pocket change worth taking a life and almost another? The heinous nature of the crimes perpetrated by Angelo Pavageau cannot be ignored by the Board and should ensure that under no circumstances he be allowed to live in a free and civil society.

On April 25, 2023, the Carlson family must, once again, endure the uncertainty of an 18th parole hearing. For 46 years, family and friends have fought to keep this convicted murderer in prison for the remainder of his natural life; an unthinkable task, since his original sentence was “Mandated Death, plus 54 years”! For just a brief time, this family felt relief; justice had finally been served. However, in 1977 another devastating “gut punch”. With the stroke of a “lenient” chief justice’s pen, all “death penalty” sentences were abruptly commuted to “Life with Parole”. To this day, the Carlsons (like so many families of homicide victims) feel the betrayal that our criminal justice system could so easily be altered. Victims’ families are now living life sentences of loss— and betrayal.

Mrs. Carlson’s life has never been the same since Pavageau’s brutal attack on her and the murder of her husband. Today, she lives in fear for her life should he be released.  Frank Carlson does not get a second chance to live—he is gone forever by the hand of this murderer. Therefore, Pavageau does not deserve a second chance or the privilege of freedom.

Given the unconscionable brutality of this crime for financial gain, his complete disregard for human life, sense of entitlement, control and complete lack of remorse, justice demands this convicted murderer be denied parole. Please deny parole to convicted murderer, Angelo Pavageau for the maximum time allowed by State of California law.

Thank you for your consideration.

“Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent” – (Adam Smith)