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You’re invited to our 30th Annual Golf Charity Classic.

CAH 30th Golf Charity, a golf ball about to drop in a golf hole. A beautiful sunset and green grass.

CAH Golf sponsors with Jan smiling and having a great time. Come share an epic and meaningful day filled with fun, laughter and friendly competition.

Each year we have a blast. There will be prizes, raffles and a silent auction. You don’t want to miss our 30th Annual Golf Tournament and Charity Fundraiser. All proceeds are used to sustain activities which help victims cope with the criminal justice system and raise public awareness of victims rights.


Promises Made—Promises Broken

By Gene and Shellie Cervantes

“Whenever you have a group of individuals who, without investigations, can manipulate the press, judges, members of Congress, we will always live in a government of those who are above the law.” This is a quote from the movie, “Above the Law.”

We are a nation of laws. Without laws, we are a nation of anarchy. Law enforcement is the single most important/powerful entity against anarchy. Currently, there is a group of individuals led by Governor Gavin Newsom who have a personal agenda to create a socialistic California through nefarious means. This intentional disruption begins with deceitful propaganda and concludes with the elimination of democracy.

Our right to bear arms and our right to vote is guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Newsom believes otherwise. Read more in our May newsletter.