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Assistance Referral Checklist

Following is a suggested checklist for getting through the complicated judicial system. Often times, questions surface as to “what should I do next?” in ones quest for justice. Please understand this checklist is a guideline with suggestions for contacts and inquiries.

For instance, the local law enforcement referral may be moot in a situation where there is an obvious refusal to further an investigation. One may wish to bypass local law enforcement and go directly to the office of the District Attorney and the office of the Attorney General.

Political representatives and media may also be an option for first contact should circumstances dictate. Nothing is ever set in cement as each case is unique. Flexibility is suggested when using the Victim Assistance Referral Checklist.

  1. Local Law Enforcement (Police or Sheriff).
  2. District Attorney (County of Jurisdiction).
  3. State Attorney General Office.
  4. US Department of Justice
    • US Attorney General
    • FBI (ID theft, kidnapping, pornography, terrorism, inter-state crime, etc.)
  5. Political Representatives
    • Local
    • State
    • Federal
  6. Media
    • Local (television and newspapers).
  7. National Television:
  8. Crime Wire – Blog Talk Radio Show
    • CRIME WIRE Blog Talk Radio, as a resource to highlight homicides, suspicious deaths and missing persons cases (where foul play is suspected).Join Co-Hosts Dennis Griffin and Susan Murphy-Milano every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. (Eastern) – 6:00 p.m. (Pacific) on Inside Lenz Network – http://www.blogtalkradio.com/insidelenz. For additional information regarding CRIME WIRE and CRIME WIRE Co-Hosts, please visit www.crimewiresite.com.
      NOTE: Once you are on the Crime Wire website, you’ll notice an automatic countdown until the show begins. The second the show begins, a small red “PLAY” button will appear, which you click to hear the audio broadcast. Thank you.