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In Memory of Jane Alexander


Letter From Dick and Rita Moore

I have wanted to write to you ever since I received the shocking news of Jane’s death. Even though I never met her personally, she has played a huge role in our family during these last nine years. In September, 2000, our son, Andy, was murdered in San Diego, California. We live in Pennsylvania and we were so grief striken and desperate. As we searched frantically for help, someone out there in California suggested that we call Jane. She was the one who told us about the Governor’s reward money program and she was the one who, despite some obstacles, helped us through the process until we finally were successful in our attempts to obtain the OK for the reward money and then get a billboard up to advertise it. I cannot tell you how much it meant to us to know that Jane was willing to put her time and efforts into helping yet another traumatized family. We will never forget her. The work you both have done over the years to help so many striken families is beyond measure. You must miss her terribly as you continue the work you both have done so well. We wish you continued success, good health and the strength to continue to fight for families like ours whose cases are still unsolved.

Dick and Rita Moore

Letter From Hazel Peterson

Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Citizen Jane, I feel a special connection with her. Not because someone close to me has ever been brutally murdered as was her aunt, but because I have been the victim of extreme domestic violence and something from deep within me finally awoke and fought until the perpetrator, my ex-husband, went to prison.

I never knew there was a Jane Alexander until this week, when I was watching ID Network and her story was featured. In the beginning my heart hurt for her, but by the end of the 60-minute story, I rallied 180 degrees and was cheering her on. When I googled her name this morning while drinking my coffee I discovered on the Citizens Against Homicide website that she had passed from this life in December of 2008. I was saddened, but also happy that she left such a legacy behind. A legacy of hope, help and untiring stamina in the never-ending battle against homicide through her selfless work, in what should have been her golden years.

I am so sorry for what happened to Mrs. Alexander; however, not believing that anything happens accidentally, she became the crusader for these victims that she might not have been otherwise.

We have lost a great lady. Let us raise our glasses to her and remember her….CITIZEN JANE!

Hazel Peterson

Letter From Colleen Davis, Granddaughter

My amazing grandmother will continue to inspire me to do more than I think is possible. She will be missed.


Letter From Tony and Jane Montognese

My son was brutally murdered 4 years ago and when my family found out the DA was going to diminish the charge and plea the 1st degree premeditated murder and robbery to nothing resembling what happened to my beautiful boy, I went ballistic. Jane my wife and I went on a crusade, first to stop this illegal misrepresentation of our son and his family and community, and second to stop it for everyone else too. In Charlotte, NC murder is a 4 to 10 year sentence and there is a 50% probability for dismissal. Our totally broken, deliberately starved, neglected justice system with a few computers from the eighties is worst in the nation for most every critical aspect of public safety.

My wife Jane was researching by phone and city leaders, and I was running around with petitions and media. Jane came across the name Jane Alexander and called her.

A couple of grief crippled, shattered parents breathed our first breath of fresh air in a year that day. Ms. Alexander would call us at various perfect times during our fight for a trial. She was directing us, teaching us, and helping us to understand how to accomplish our goal. Jane was captivating, thorough, efficient and I could feel her marvelous spirit with every conversation. And she was right about everything. Blessed by Jane reaching out in such a complete and generous way, and over the phone. Her spirit touches us still and we never formally met, she will always be alive to us.

Tony and Jane Montognese

Letter From Datha McCrea

Jane Alexander was and will always be a Hero of mine. Life is so much shorter than we can ever imagine. During our lifetime we will meet a few people who will leave a lasting impression on our lives. It won’t be because they had great wealth or prestige. It won’t be because they were famous for some escapade or accomplishment. It won’t be because they are smarter or wiser than anyone else we know. It will be for the simple fact that they “were.” They lived, and we were privileged to cross paths with them. There will be a beauty about them that is unexplainable. Their smile will brighten up a room and their simple wisdom and strength will buoy us up when our own zest for life is low. Most likely they won’t have a lot of money, live in a fine home, be particularly “smart” or be remembered by the world when they have passed. But we will remember, we will see them in the sunlight, in the dew, in the beauties of the earth. We will remember that a truly magical being touched our life if only for a little while. We will smile, shed a tear, and be glad that we were one of the lucky ones.

Datha Mc Crea

Letter From Cindy and Mark Sconce

My wife Cindy and I had the pleasure of meeting Citizen Jane a few years back through a member of the California Department of Justice who helped us after our daughter Courtney Hannah had been kidnapped and murdered on Nov. 8, 2000.

We had been asked to participate as panel members at a presentation/discussion at the annual Victim’s Witness Advocate Advanced training session in Oakland, CA. We accepted this invitation in order to help Victim’s Witness Advocates understand how their interaction with us, the families of murder victims, would help us understand and cope with the criminal justice system.

We were introduced to the other panel members, one of which was Jane Alexander. The training session began and we listened in awe as the other panel members shared their stories and experiences.

Jane Alexander shared her story as well. Cindy and I sat and marveled at her candor, her humor and her willingness to buck the system and to do some investigative work of her own. She was truly an inspiration.

We took part in the Victim’s Witness Advocate Advanced training each year after that and we were always astounded, amused and somewhat dismayed by her experiences.

We were honored to have met and work beside Jane for these few years. Her sense of duty to her community and her willingness to put herself under the spotlight in order to assist others is highly commendable.

Thank you Citizen Jane for being one of California’s and this nation’s greatest citizens. May you now rest in peace.

Cindy and Mark Sconce.

Letter From George H. Cullins


Wherever you are your warmth will never leave us. You had a gift that gave us all strength to be a full human being not only in our fight, but to help many know the true benefit of life when warmth is passed to one another.

Your guidance on how to turn a disaster into our own personal strength to fight our hurts with intelligence, drive and the thinking to turn this hurt from a gigantic negative into things of a positive nature, you have imbedded in us. That the hurt of the departure of a loved one, that never leaves, can be reduced and managed when addressed in a positive manner with the good memories that the loved one left us with when the negatives that surround them are deduced.

One wonders, when a driving force departs, how will we survive? But you taught us that a force is collective, and working together in a straight line, many hazards can be turned into roads that will lead us into the lights of the future successes that awaits us.

As you look down upon us, from God’s resting place, don’t let us falter. Keep spreading your warmth that will give us the strength to carry on where you left off. I personally know when I sit and ponder on how to skirt an obstacle I still will feel your guidance. Your physical person may have departed, but I will still gather strength knowing you are mentally still with me.

Tell God Hello for me.

George H. Cullins

Letter From Mike Reynolds

I have had the privilege of meeting a lot of people over the course of my lifetime; some rich and some poor, some famous and some politically powerful. The ones I have held in the highest regard are those who have the fewest tools yet have made the most of their efforts. Jane Alexander was definitely that kind of person.

Jane used to share her stories about growing up in downtown San Francisco where she lived with her parents at Stanford Court across the street from the Fairmont. She spoke of the war years, turning 21 and having her first drink at the top of the Mark Hopkins and the influence her father, a judge, had on her life. At 86, she had seen more change in human knowledge and technology than mankind has witnessed since its beginning. This was an exciting time to have lived and loved. Unfortunately that love turned to tragedy when her boyfriend brutally murdered her close and dear aunt.

After many years and a relentless effort, Jane pursued this ruthless killer until he was caught and convicted.

Her efforts to establish the Governor’s Reward Fund in concert with a widespread billboard campaign have helped solve countless cases. Many a homicide would have gone unsolved and many a murderer would still be on our streets if not for Jane. This was done without pay or compensation by a person whose only title was citizen – Citizen Jane.

Letter From Jacque MacDonald, UK

It was late 1993 when Genelle Reilly first told me about a new group called “Citizens Against Homicide.” Genelle knew that I had been trying to get a billboard for my daughter Debi for almost three years. I remember with fondness the first conversation Jane and I had. It was very simply, “How can we help you, may we use our logo, and we will help pay for the billboard.” Within three months I had my billboard. As a British woman I would like to use a quote from Sir Winston Churchill which is, “Never have so few done so much for so many.” I will always remember this small, rather fragile looking, beautifully dressed woman, who had the heart of a lion, and when it came to victim’s rights, the strength and tenacity of a pit bull. I once told Jane, “We love you, but we are all terrified of you! You take no prisoners.”

Thank you Jane for having touched my life in so many ways. And for that I will forever love you.


Letter from Craig and Sonia, UK

Hi to Jan and all,

We have just watched a TV programme in the UK about Brave Jane and the remarkable lady she was. Myself and my partner would like to send our kind love and support to you guys that support people who have been through these terrible experiences that I could only imagine. I truly wish you are successful in solving every case and that your superb work is supported by all departments in the USA.

Please take strength in knowing that even across the Atlantic we are aware of your charity and can only wish that any similar charity in the UK has the same will and commitment that you guys championed by Jane have. Where on earth would we be without people like you? It gives people faith in humans with folks like you in this world.

We send you all our love from the UK. Good luck and God Bless you. Kindest Regards,

Craig & Sonia

Letter From Collene (Thompson) Campbell and Carol, MOVE Memory of Victims Everywhere

Dearest Jan-

Thank you for the beautiful tribute to our friend, Jane. Being able to read and learn a little bit more about her life and how she came to be so involved with crime victims, being one herself, was amazing.

As you said, no one can replace her. We wish we could have cloned her as her personality, her determination, humor, strength and “pit bull” perseverance will be sorely missed.

Stay on the front lines doing the crucial work that you both began – helping crime vicitms and making needed changes to our criminal justice system. It means more than you will ever know.

With lots of love & appreciation,

Collene and Carol

Letter From Christine Ward, Director, Crime Victims Assistance Network Foundation/Crime Victims Action Alliance

Dear Jan,

I wanted to send you a note to express my deepest regrets for the loss of Jane. I know this is a bit late, I often don’t know what to say until the shock of loss wears off-.

I was back east during her memorial, I wanted very much to be there.

Jane was one of the few people who made me laugh – every message I received from her began with something like “Chris, I got your email… what the #!*&+ is going on? Call me.

I will miss her very much. You two together were a force to be reckoned with –

I am sorry for your personal loss and the loss to CAH.



Letter From Emily Gray Barry

niki, that is so touching. it takes a lot to bring me to tears, but here i am with tears streaming down my cheeks…jane’s legacy lives on in your family and everyone that came into contact with jane. she was nothing short of remarkable and led an incredible life. it also goes to show that it is never too late. your sister was so beautiful…not sure how you spell her name (ronni, ronnie?) and looks much like you. as i was telling you today, my mom was mumbling too (seeing those who passed before her?) but not engaged in this world at all. her eyes were open, but she was already somewhere else, she passed about 24 hours after that. there is something sacred about spending time with a loved one who is about to cross over; the cycle of life is always a miracle. love you niki, emily

Letter From June Kennedy

Hello Jan,

I was saddened to hear of Jane’s passing. I respected her immensely. The world won’t be as interesting without her fiery temperment. She was a mover and a shaker and her kind heart will be missed by me. Citizens Against Homicide, as a group, have worked to bring justice for my daughter Jenny Waltz. Though it’s now been 14 years since her death, Jane was still working hard to get the billboards up in the right locations and still speaking with her contacts at the Fresno PD. I appreciate everthing you and Jane and the rest have done. Bless you in your time of loss of your dear friend.

Letter From Marcia Blackman

Jane was My Heroine….better than any a writer could imagine. She was a REAL ONE. She will be missed…

Letter From David Hines, UK

Dear Jan,

For the precious moments that I shared some time on earth with Jane I will never forget the bond that blossomed between us.

I can’t help but cry at this moment, but I bet she wouldn’t have wanted me to!

Yes she has gone to a better place but this place is worse off in her passing. I know we both shared the same faith and may her soul rest in peace.

I’m sure to meet again one day.


Letter From Jean Smith

Dear Jan,

Not appreciating the news on T.V., I never got word that Jane was gone until I got your newsletter. Like so many, I loved her and didn’t even know her.

You certainly wrote a beautiful tribute to her, a well-deserved eulogy.

I retired as a criminal court reporter in Superior Court several years ago and am only sorry I don’t live near you. I would gladly volunteer my time.

When you mentioned you met with Jane at a restaurant in San Rafael, it immediately perked up my ears. My son is traveling to San Rafael this Sunday to train with his second guide dog.

God bless all of you who work so hard for the “little mentioned” victims.

Jean Smith

Letter From Sam and Jan Messina

Dear Jan,

We were so shocked and saddened to learn of Jane’s death! We will miss her always! And we are so very grateful for the time with her and you when we were in California last spring – a fond memory we will always cherish!

Our most sincere sympathy to her family, and to you too, Jan. I’m sure that continuing the good work of CAH will be difficult for you. But I know you were right when you wrote that she will help from the better place she is in. She will always be with you – have no doubt about that!

We hold you in our thoughts and prayers always.


Sam and Jan

Letter From Marilyn Devine Bann

Dear Jan,

I just received my CAH Newsletter and was just devastated to read that Jane had passed away. I had called Jane a while back to tell her just how much she had meant to me and how special she was.

Jane stepped forward like a beacon of light when I contacted her years ago in regard to my brother Tom’s homicide. She never wavered in her roll of staying in contact with me and giving me the encouragement to go forward with obtaining information on my brother’s case.

Jane will be terribly missed not only by me, but by everyone who has ever come in contact wih her.

My Sincerest Sympathy to you, and Jane’s family.

Marilyn Devine Bann

Letter From Rosemary Garvey, President

Dear Jan,

On behalf of Novato Republican Women Federated, please accept the enclosed contribution in the good name of our beloved friend and colleague, Jane Alexander. It is our hope that in this small way, our gift will help carry on the decency of the work that Jane was so deeply dedicated to doing and also, that you equally share in as her dearest and most cherished friend and co-founder of this very fine organization.

May God Bless you, Jan, as you carry the torch to protect the rights of victims’ families all over this country. Please know that you will always have our support, and that Jane’s strong spirit will live on in our heats and our minds. She was a rare person of enormous character and strength, and I for one will never forget her.



Letter From Sara Loven

Dear Jan and Jane’s family,

I was saddened to hear of Jane’s passing. I will keep you and Jane’s family in my prayers.

She had such a full life and leaves a lasting legacy with CAH and all the people she has helped. No matter your station in life, she was your warrior. She stepped forward and took up the sword. She gave us hope and because of this, her mission will be on-going. People need hope to find answers and bring justice.

The newsletter was a beautiful, loving tribute. Thank you.

What do you think about dedicating the next Victim’s March to Jane? Maybe we could choose a focus point or theme and make our voices, and Jane’s, heard loud and clear in Sacramento and beyond.

I don’t know how I can help since I live in a distance away, but let me know if there is something I can do to help.



Letter From Stephen Flatt

Dear Jan,

Just watched 48 hours on the legend of one gritty and determined “Lady Jane” (Alexander). Her relentless pursuit in the name of justice shows how a force of one can and will make a difference in never giving up.

She was a most remarkable woman who set the bar for all of us to follow. In her passing she has bestowed upon us that justice can and will be served.

For those who cherished her in life let them never forget the battle cry for victims rights. Now is the time for those she has inspired to step up and carry her legacy forward.

“Tears are the safety valve for the heart when too much pressure is laid upon it.”

May your organization continue to grow and defeat those responsible for their crimes.

Respectfully in Christ,

Stephen Flatt

Letter From Mary Pat Kanzaki

Dear Jan,

Please accept this donation to CAH in memory of Jane Alexander. Your organization has done so much for so many families. I receive the CAH newsletter and have so much respect for you, Jane and the rest of the organization for the closure and assistance you have provided to all the families who needed you.

Jane will be missed by many.

Thank you for all the work you have done in the past and will continue to do.

Mary Pat

Letter From Tenfe1

I just finished watching the “Citizen Jane” news story on “48 Hours Mystery.” I’ve actually seen it before – but I couldn’t resist watching again. Jane Alexander was such a force. And although I was so saddened to read that she passed away in 2008, I’m so thrilled to know she was able to live to see justice for her aunt and for so many others. I just love this woman! I’m inspired by her strength and persistance.

Letter From Carla McIntyre and Rachel, UK

Hi David,

So sad to hear about Jane Alexander, may her soul rest in peace. Sending heartfelt sympathy to all her family and friends.


Carla and Rachel

Letter From Cynthia Islas


I am so sorry to hear about Jane, what a great loss for all who knew her and experienced her passion and personality. She was a great warrior for all of us lost in a system trying to find our way. Jane will be missed tremendously.

God Bless,

Cynthia Islas

Letter From Margaret and Jim, UK

Both Jim and I are so sad to hear the terrible news about Jane. Please express our heartfelt sadness to all at Citizens Against Homicide, especially Jane’s immediate family and Jan who has lost a much treasured friend and advocate for justice for victims of crime. We would like Jane to know both she and Jan are in our thoughts at this horrendous time.



Letter From Collene Campbell


I am shocked and so extremely sorry, I know you, along with others, are hurting. God Bless You…and please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.


Letter From Clive Elliott, UK

Sad news indeed.

Our prayers are with her family and fellow colleagues.

Clive Elliott

Letter From Carole Longe, UK

Hi David-

So sorry to hear this sad news —she achieved so much for victims and was an inspiration.


Letter From Mary Anne Gilles

Dear Family,

Jane was a truly wonderful citizen for all the great work she did, as well as being a friend to many. I knew her from the Republican Women’s group where she received much support for all her efforts.

She will be missed.

Letter From Charles Mitchell

What a great loss for all of us. A wondeful woman whose determination to help others is truly an inspiration.

Letter From Tormey Ward

Sorry to hear of Jane’s death. Have not seen Jane for years, but enjoyed her book and remember her spunk from years ago. She had a life well lived. She and Alex were close to my mom and dad.