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CAH Making a Difference

On January 22, 2011, America’s Most Wanted featured Citizens Against Homicide cold case

Cheryl Henry (age 22) and her boyfriend, Andy Atkinson (age 21) were brutally murdered on August 23, 1990. Their bodies were found in an undeveloped, wooded area of Western Harris County in Houston, Texas. Both victims had been tied with a rope and their throats slashed. Cheryl had also been raped.

Seventeen years later, DNA evidence found at the crime scene had been matched to DNA collected in the unsolved 1990 rape of a 30 year-old woman, also in the Houston area. Investigators were then able to release a composite sketch of the suspect after talking with the rape victim.

CAH Victim Advocate, Gene Cervantes, contacted America’s Most Wanted and relayed to them case factors of the Henry/Atkinson murder case.

The Murder of Steven Watkins is solved

Steven Watkins (age 32), was murdered on November 25, 2008, while picking up his young daughter from his estranged wife’s residence in Ashland, Illinois. COD was a single gunshot wound to the back of the head. No one in the residence at the time of Steven’s death was willing to provide any information. Citizens Against Homicide was a major contributor to widespread media attention in Steven’s case and, in January 2009, Shirley Skinner – the 74 year-old grandmother of Steven’s estranged wife, was convicted of First Degree Murder in the death of Steven Watkins.