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In Loving Memory of…

Aldemar Perez Daddy – “I miss you so much and will never forget you. You are always in my heart.” Your loving daughter, Viviana.

Alex R. Rives, Grandson – “In your loving memory.” From Grand Ma Susan.

Amy Lynn Alexander-Freeseha – “We miss you very much, Amy. We promise to find out who took you from your children and family.” Love Mom, Bobbie Jean, Sam, Jonathan, Adeline.

Arturo Cisneros – “Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you! You were a great everything, son, father, nephew and friend! The moment you left you took a part of us! Words will never explain how much we love & miss you!!

Ashley Ann Lynn – “In loving memory of Ashley Ann Lynn 1987-2006 RIP. Ex-boyfriend shot and burned her, he is doing Life, Paroled 25 Years.

Barbara Lisa Hulse – “In your loving memory, a victim of homicide in 1975.” From Peggy Hulse.

Brandi Daugherty – “Brandi was murdered in Pike County, Kentucky (2007). She was a beloved daughter, mother, sister and friend. No arrests have yet been made. Investigation continues. Please remember her.” From Shonda Sheppard.

Brian Matthew Welch – “In loving memory of Brian Matthew Welch 9-30-84 ~ 5-21-07. Beloved son, brother, grandson and friend. Always in our hearts.”

Brian Scott Morris – 3/30/80 – 6/11/10. “Brian was a wonderful person, taken from the family way too soon. Beloved Son, Brother, Grandson and Uncle. We love and miss you every day.” From Brad and Myra Morris (Parents).

Bud Foglesong – “In memory of Bud Foglesong.” From Jan H. Foglesong.

Carissa Nwene – “Carissa was killed while walking to school November 16, 2007. She was 13-years-old, an honor student, full of life, and college bound. This could have been anyone’s loved one. Her case remains unsolved. If you have any information please call Desert Hot Springs Police Department.”

Catherine L. Hocker – “In memory of Catherine L. Hocker.” From Christina and Anthony Arcuri.

Celis E. Gonzalez “ChaCha” – born 3/26/84, murdered 3/27/10, “at the wrong place at the right time.” There are no words that can truly describe the depth of our grief. You are in our hearts. Love, from your parents, brother, family and friends.

Chandra Levy – “In memory of Chandra Levy.” From Robert Levy.

Chris – “In memory of Chris.” From Dorothy Guest.

Daniel Moseley – “Stolen from our family on March 16, 2010. He was a gentle soul, and may he rest in peace forever.” From Vickie Selman.

Danny Hohenstein – Paradise, CA. “Kidnapped & murdered in 1992 at the age of 6…. he may be gone from earth, but he lives on forever in our hearts! I Love u lil brother!!”

Deana Marie Huiner – “Life will never be the same without you. Miss and love you always.” From Aunti Karen and Elizabeth xoxoxo.

Debbie Dorian – “In memory of Debbie Dorian.” From Sara Loven.

Debra Januszko – “Debra was only 15 years old when she was killed in June 12, 1972.” From Marie and John Doran.

Debra Logan Gamio – “In memory of our daughter.” From Patricia and Harold Barone.

Don and Mary Ann Duvardo – “We love you and we miss you.” From Janet Devardo.

Edward (Eddie) Berber – “We love you and miss you beloved son, brother, father, uncle and friend. 12/4/05.” From Alejandra Warren.

Eric Vieau – “My husband, soulmate, my best friend. My world. Murdered 6/3/10. I will fight for truth and justice, tell the world our story until I am safe in his arms again.” From Jill Vieau.

George C. Fininis – “Always in my heart, and on my mind.” From Beverly J. Fininis.

Jacquelyn Pages-Simpson – “Always in my heart.” From Marylin S. Pages.

James and Dolores Barton – “Two people who were loved and would give you the shirt off their back. 8/11/08.” From Sharon Lowe.

James and Essie Effron – “They were adored by family and friends and respected by the community. They will never be forgotten but forever more cherished.” From Cheryl L. Effron.

Jane Alexander – “Mom – you are missed by your number one son.” From William L. Alexander.

Jane Alexander – “In memory of Cousin Jane Alexander.” From Gordon L. Grosscup.

Jane Alexander – “In your honor, Jane Alexander.” From Lillian Albertsen.

Jane Alexander – “In memory of Jane Alexander.” From Joan E. McCormick.

Jane Alexander – “You are greatly appreciated.” From Hilary D. Hill.

Jenny Lin – “In memory of Jenny Lin.” From her parents Mei-Lian and John Lin.

Joey Ross – “Love you, Miss you, Forever In Our Hearts.” From Nancy Ross.

John Magliano – “We miss you.” From Mark Magliano.

John Y. James and Thais G. James – “You are loved and missed.” From Greg James.

Joshua Houlgate – “A friend of my husband who was murdered in 2008. He was a good man with a huge heart and will be greatly missed by many!”

Keith Warren – “July 2011 will be the 25th anniversary of the death of Keith Warren. July 1986 was the end of Keith’s life and the beginning of the struggle by his family and friends to deal with the loss of a beautiful soul. Those who took the life out of Keith’s body did not take the love out of our hearts for him. The ones who hold the secret to his death hold the power to justice for Keith.”

Kenneth Scott Wrede – “Officer Kenneth Scott Wrede – killed August 31, 1983 – killer has been on death row for 25 years!” From Marianne and Ken Wrede.

Kristin Laurite – “Thank you Jane and CAH for all your help! Jane you are surely missed – your work continues from heaven.” From Renee Freitag.

Larry Ellingsen – “You will be missed forever.” From Sharon Ellingsen Eason.

Lorraine Ann Pacifico – “Age 10, Murdered 07/07/1980, Never Forget XOX.” From Anthony Pacifico.

Lydia Marie Braschler-Varo – “10/5/87-4/02. My daughter was on vacation 2500 miles away and became missing for 10 months and was found murdered, still unsolved.” From Marie Stephen.

Mae Bare – “We honor her memory and seek the truth to set things right… finally.” From Philip & Jane Baer.

Margaret Marshall – “In memory of our mother – Margaret Marshall. She passed away on February 7, 2010. Drug dealers came into apartment, scared her outside and hurt her. Local police are letting case go unnoticed.”

Marquis Lamont Rollins Kendall – “12/16/77-5/13/06. My son gunned down while driving in Sacramento, CA. In loving memory of a beautiful person, lovely smile, a blessing to have in our lives, missed dearly by family and friends, who wanted to see his children and others graduate, loved God, be successful, share love and good food with others, wanted to attend culinary school, own restaurant and catering business, robbed of his future. Always loved R.I.P. Quis.” Love Mama.

Mary Wells – “My Grandma (Nana) made a huge impact on my life by taking me to church on Sundays… when she was alive back in 1964.”

Matthew Messina – “Matt 12/1/77-6/19/03. We love you and miss you every day.” From Mom, Dad, Tracy and Val.

Melinda Tackett – “12-21-76 to 01-7-11 He took you from us, but you will never be forgotten. You were an amazing Mother, daughter, sister and friend whose smile could make my day turn around. We will fight for your baby girl and do everything in our power to see that justice prevails…I love you and miss you my friend!”

Michael Gene McDonald – “We love you Mike. You are always in our hearts.” From Mother and Joe.

Michael Ponder – “We miss you so much you must know a day does not pass without you in our hearts and thoughts. Your life was taken but never your spirit.” Love from your sister Kathy.

Michael Scott Reichert – “It hurts so bad not to have you here, our lives are not the same.” From Jerri Reichert.

Nadine Calvert and Carol Kingsley – “Two fine women who were mothers of murdered daughters.” From Linda Poggi-LeStrange.

Patricia Gail Clendenin – “We miss your smiling face.” From Dennis and Michelle Clark.

Patrick Joel Humphries – “In loving memory of murder victim Patrick Joel Humphries.”

Happy Birthday Rafael Martin Lopez – “Ralphie” 9/11/92 – 3/27/10. “You would have been 19 years old this year if you weren’t selfishly taken from our family. We will continue to honor your memory. We love and miss you! May you continue to rest in peace.” Lopez Family.

Raymond H. Podell – “A most amazing brother who believed in God and the power of kindness.” From Marilyn Pedell Lipson.

Renee O. Rondeau – “Renee epitomized peace on earth, hoping for movement for crime prevention worldwide.” From Gordon and Elaine.

Richard Dean Litzau – 7/29/07- “We were robbed of a beautiful soul, you will always remain in our hearts forever!” The Harris-Litzau Family.

Rick DeVecchi – “In loving memory of Rick DeVecchi January 3, 1961 – December 20, 1999.” From Randy DeVecchi.

Robert V. Shou.. – “Murdered on November 13, 2004 in Sacramento, California.” From Lynace.

Rodger G. Squires – “Loved and missed by all the family and many friends.” From Susan Squires.

Sacha Marino – “1980 to 2002 We love you. Mom, Dad, Aimee, Doug, Keira and your son Caleb.” From Lisa Marino.

Suzanne Annette Sowders/Fuller – Aug. 9, 1963 – Aug. 8, 2009. http://www.annettesdream.com.

Terri Lynn Peitz – “My daughter that was murdered in 1994.” From Betty J. Wells.

Terry Paiso – 1987-Oct.3, 2011 – “Oldest brother to Dominic & Demi Moore. Loving husband to Vianca Paiso & loving father to Emma & Lily Paiso.”

Toni Parcell – “Toni, this animal took you from me too soon. Love, Mom.” From Lynn and Mike Tracy.

Tony and Lois Tolleson – Found shot to death in burning car February 22, 1987. Unsolved. Tony was a narcotics informant for police.

Veronica Cascio – “We will never forget you, Ronnie. Murdered at age 18, Jan. 7, 1976 in Pacifica, CA. Unsolved.” From Barbara Patton.

Wesley Lancaster – “Wesley Lancaster July 09, 1982 – March 02, 2009 Loving son, grandson, brother, uncle, nephew, friend, and soldier. You are always in our hearts.” Love Mom.

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