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COLD CASE opened in November 2013 by the Alameda County District Attorney’s office and will be going to trial in July,  over 26 years since the murder of my Uncle, Stephen Rudiger. Between the East Regional Park District, the Alameda County District Attorney’s office, police, investigator’s, and everyone in between- two arrests were finally made. Not to go into lengthy details of the case, but these two suspects  had been under investigation since the day they found my deceased Uncle. One, who is already incarcerated for another crime, recently plead to the crime and provided ample incriminating evidence to put the other suspect away for the rest of her life. It has been a long road for my three cousins, their mom, and closest to me- my Father. Both of my Grandparents, Steve’s mom and dad, have passed away without knowing we finally may have justice.

First the rage, sadness, feeling of sudden loss, more rage, then the feeling of the unknown has definitely been overwhelming over this long period of time. But, never give up. You never know who out there has additional information or may remember something that could help solve other COLD CASES.  There were members of the law enforcement community that have stayed on our case over the past 26 years and though a few have retired, they are still following and supporting the investigation. We had the current owner’s of my Uncle’s home allow an investigative team  come into their home and break through a stairway wall to gather paint samples in order to retrieve the necessary DNA samples under multi layers of paint. The father of one of the accused came forward with testimony that gave motive for the crime and placed his son in the area at the same time. This man could have easily stayed silent and not have shared (even under oath) this information, but he did.

Even after years of wondering, our family has all come together and are anxiously anticipating a conviction of the “witch”, who cold heartedly calculated and executed the murder of my Uncle Steve in his own home. We will keep you posted on the details and outcome of the trial.

Thank you for our long standing support,

Kelly Rudiger