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In 2015, crime rate information released by the FBI and the California Attorney General confirmed that crime is on the rise in California for the first time in more than 2 decades.  This is largely due to the double sucker punch delivered by Jerry Brown and the CA legislature with AB109 (“Public Safety Realignment”) and Proposition 47 (“Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act).

In November, Proposition 57 (“public Safety & Rehabilitation Act”) and Proposition 62 (“Justice That Works Act”) will both be on the ballot.  57 will complete the Brown agenda to unleash as many violent criminals onto CA streets as possible, and 62 will do what Rose Bird did to contribute to Brown’s first public safety debacle in the 70’s and 80’s.

It is important for you to know as much as possible about your representatives in the CA legislature.  Just like the make believe titles that are assigned to these “get out of jail free” initiatives, many elected officials would like you to believe that they care about the safety of their law-abiding constituents more than they do about touchy-feely social experiments involving really heinous criminals.  To that end, we are providing you again with the votes that resulted in the passage of AB109 – step 1 in the breakdown of CA’s public safety system.  You be the judge.  Does your Senator/Assemblyperson/Party of choice vote like they care about your safety?  From our perspective there are only a few reasons someone would vote to pass dangerous legislation like this & support equally dangerous initiatives while claiming to care about public safety…. 1.  Unwilling to become educated about the issue; 2.  Liars with an agenda; and 3.  Just plain dumb.   What do you think?

Senate votes to pass AB 109 in 2011:

Alquist      Calderon      Corbett      De Leon      DeSaulnier      Evans      Hancock      Hernandez

Kehoe      Leno      Lieu      Liu      Lowenthal      Negrete McLeod      Padilla      Pavley      Price

Rubio      Simitian      Steinberg      Vargas      Wolk      Wright      Yee

Assembly votes to pass AB 109 in 2011:

Alejo      Allen      Amniano      Atkins      Beall      Block      Blumenfield      Bonilla      Bradford

Brownley      Buchanan      Butler      Calderon      Campos      Carter      Cedillo      Chesbro      Davis

Dickinson      Feuer      Fong      Fuentes      Furutani      Galgiani      Gatto      Gordon      Hall

Hayashi      Hernandez    Hill      Huber      Hueso      Huffman      Lara      Lowenthal      Ma

Mendoza      Mitchell      Monning      Solorio      Swanson      Torres      Wieckowski      Williams

Yamada      Perez

Some of these folks have moved on to other positions, taking their bad judgement with them.   Many have not.   The bottom line is that these people are responsible for putting violent repeat offenders on the street and calling them non-serious, non-violent, despite warnings from Law Enforcement and Victim Rights groups across the state.  Lazy?  Disingenuous?  Stupid?

Take some time before the November elections to call your Legislators, your Chiefs and Sheriffs, and your elected District Attorney.  Ask them what position they are taking on 57 & 62. In fact, I encourage you to ask what position they took on AB 109 (if they aren’t on the list above) and on Prop 47.  Then, if they supported these very bad laws and plan to support more in the future, ask them what they will do to make amends to those who were and will be victimized, maybe even murdered, in the aftermath of their willful disregard for the safety of their constituents.  Hold them responsible with your votes and by spreading the word so that others can hold them responsible too.