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Letters In Honor Of: Samantha Runnion, James Michael (Jim) Lippitt, Stephen Monroe, Mathew Messina, Gerald Howard, Zachary Montognese, and Christy Galvin.


Erin Runnion, who lost her daughter Samantha
Click to view The Adam Walsh Act-Federal Sex Offender Registry

Kent Scheidegger, Criminal Justice Legal Federation
Click to view Expedited Review of State Capital Cases in Federal Court


John Lippitt, who lost his son James Michael (Jim) Lippitt
Click to view Lest We Forget

Joan Monroe, who lost her son Stephen Monroe
Click to view Request For Help

Murder Survivors of Laguna Beach, response to attack on Marcy’s Law by Sara Olson (formerly Kathleen Ann Soliah of the Symbionese Liberation Army)
Click to view Response to Sara Olson


Sam and Jan Messina, who lost their son Matthew.
Click to view Hope For Healing.


Gail Heinz, aunt of Gerald Howard.
Click to view Truth and Justice

Jane and Tony Montognese, who lost their son Zachary.
Click to view Safety and Justice

Michael Galvin and Family, who lost daughter Christy.
Click to view Victims of Crime in Charlotte N.C